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A project I initially developed to help consolidate my solo gaming. I want to minimize the paper, the books, the cards, whatever else.

I also wanted something portable.

These two sheets (printed front to back) offer a way to game with a small footprint. Use a phone dice roller, and it fits on plane tray, hotel desk, on the cover of a magazine at the doctor's office, in bed with a small lamp.

These sheets comprise of numerous tables to generate a game narrative, and to see it grow!

There are monsters by terrain included! They are very simply statted, as a means of generating on the fly. HD could be d4, d6, or d8 if you are feeling punishing.

There are encounters, oracles, settle creators, dungeon morphs. Loot tables, a list of bosses, dressing tables. It's all there!

Also included is a 3-Stat character sheet, for running Cairn, Bastards. or other simplified version of old school games.

Now includes a French Language Translation by Duf, from Twitch channel: DufFaitLaLecture

Made possible as a free item by the support of the Perplexing Ruins Patreon! Consider a donation, or even checking out the Patreon:


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Single Sheet Adventure.pdf 90 kB
Single Sheet Dungeon.pdf 221 kB
Single Sheet Adventure with Character Sheet.pdf 100 kB
FR_Donjon en une feuille.pdf 401 kB
FR_Aventure en une feuille.pdf 126 kB

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Been playing for almost a month now and I'm having a tremendous time. I'm using Maze Rats as the base system for combat. Can I translate your sheets in french? I already started with paint dot net, but it would help getting it done faster if I had your work files. Do you mind me translating it and can I have your files? If not I understand. Thanks so much for an awesome system :)

Hello and thank you for the kind words! Thank you so much for the translation offer. You can send an email to perplexingruins@gmail.com, and we can go from there!

Yay! :)

I sent you an email!

Yep, just responded. Apologies for the delay

Merci pour la traduction Dufius.

ça fait plaisir :)

Hello, great sheet, I may be dum, but what does Humnd mean?



I love your content and this sheet is amazing. But could you add the amount of creatures found in an encounter? If the characters stumble on zombies, how many are there? Maybe an oracle for that idk. Its just a suggestion. Thank you for this amazing material


Hello and thank you for the kind words! I don't really have a great place to squeeze in that table, but honestly, I say, just roll d6 for most encounters. As you're a solo PC, you don't want too many anyways. And if its a real tough creature, either just 1, or roll d3. Keep it in the realm of d6s....so if its a huge horde of some kind, 2d6 is appropriate. Hope this helps!


I would give this 10/5 stars, these sheet are so handy!
I am finally having a blast at solo RPG thanks to these.


Awesome! Thank you so much - that really means a lot! Welcome to the world of solitaire gaming. May your adventures be epic!

Recently got into solo gaming. These sheets are great. I played Shadowdark and Cairn using them. Any plans for updates and new stuff

Hello! Sorry for delayed response, seemed to have missed the note. Thank you so much, - very happy you're enjoying them! As far as updates, I don't think so....I think it becomes too difficult to spread out how many systems etc they're for. However, you're welcome to leave suggestions, and I'll consider adding them! Cheers

I had a thought to make a scifi version/instead of a dungeon it would be a massive space hulk type crawl. For Hexes you could make a region of space. with different encounters etc. 

Thank you very much for your masterpiece!

Can I translate it into Chinese, please?


Hello! That's very kind and thank you. I'd be honored to have the sheets translated


I love this but I feel one improvement that can be made is a little section on a suggested basic procedure of play hex by hex for those not familiar with this kind of play. It's not immediately clear what that game loop is. Even just a simple formula at the top of the sheet such as Start in center > Roll Terrain > Explore> water > weather > when moving hex new terrain> repeat. 

And a little explanation on quests as you gave to another poster as that is nowhere to be found on the sheet.

I think that would give a lot of people who are less familiar with solo gaming a good jumping off point.


Thank you for the feedback. I should probably write up something for the game page, or include a small instruction sheet. Thank you for the suggestion

Love this but I am a little confused about the monster stats. They all list AC/ATK and then a value in backets. I understand AC is armor class but how is the ATK value used? Thanks  and keep up the great work! :)

Ah, thank you for the question. That is for player facing rules about dodging or defense. If a creature has AC/ATK (12), it means to hit IT, you need to roll 12 or better. For you to dodge ITS attack, you need to roll that. It could be the creatures COMBAT score, basically, but was trying to use the typical game parlance. Because you are playing solo, the monster doesnt roll to hit you, you roll to avoid the monster.

Thanks so much for replying, appreciate it.  👍

Any chance you could make DIN A4 versions?

these are great! ive wanted to make a template of something like this for myself but i dont know how to format LOLSOB

Thank you! Glad you're enjoying them.

This is awesome, thank you! Since you mention Cairn as one of the suggestions on one of your comments below, I was wondering if you had any advice for turning the monster stats into Cairn stats?

Hello and thank you for checking out the sheets! I don't really have solid advice, but i'll say, roll d6 for HD, to see how much Hit Protection, they have, then add another d6 to this total for their Strength. this should keep enemies not too hard for a solo hero, but still a challenge. I recommend looking on the cairn website, for advice and a bestiary too!


thank you for making these! I was wondering what your suggestion was for using the dressing, history, etc tables on the right of the dungeon sheet.


Hello and thanks for having a look at the sheets! Those tables are for determining who built the site, who occupies it currently (so you might know what monster encounters you might have). The dressing and descriptions are there to function like a GM. Instead of them telling you what you see when you enter the room, as a solo player pick a table and roll on it, to create an emergent dungeon. These tables are there to function like GM, but also to help you with your theater of the mind solo play, as you are constructing as you move along. Hope this helps


I'm quite new to solo games and im a little lost, i know the whole point is to stay compact and easy but im lost on how to play or start so maybe include just a small bit on how to work this or maybe im being stupid


not stupid at all! good question. so pick a game system to run - i recommend something rules lite (Cairn, my game Ward, Bastards. are good choices) roll up 1-3 characters. roll up a home town and put it in the center hex. then roll up a magical item "you need to retrieve" using the tables. decided how many hexes away is the "objective" (roll 1d6 then 1d4 to determine direction and distance) - travel to that hex, using the procedures described on the sheet. Enter a dungeon. use the dungeon sheet to create the dungeon, in which you can find the quest item. return it to town. Congrats solo adventure #1 complete (albeit very simple)

HD for creatures = 1d6 each.

Keep it simple at first. treat it like an video game rpg, so after first quest done, include an NPC to give you your next quest. This time, roll it up on the quest generator tables. then run with it!

hope this helps a little


So cool of you to create this and to give this brief tutorial. I watched your interviews with Dungeon Dive and it was very inspiring. To think that you just started in gaming a few years ago and now you're out here writing and publishing your own work. Very impressive. 

I'm really into the idea of solo gaming and I would love to become fluent enough in the genre to create something to scratch that itch. Something in-between the eloquent simplicity of Miru and the crunch of Disciples of Bone and Shadow.

Anyways cheers!


Thank you so much for the kind words! It's been a lot of fun, creating things people enjoy, making new friends, getting better as a maker. Hope your solo journey goes well!

How do the omens work?

ah, they;re just there to add some narrative flavor to your adventure. I like having Omens, when I roll for encounters, instead of just "nothing happens" - it helps bring the world to life for me.
Also, use the omens to drive narrative...if its a voice, perhaps you hear NPC shouting... or a god talking to your PC...if weather changes, perhaps a wizard is at work
I wrote this to be pretty flexible and vanilla fantasy, so freely and widely interpret
Most importantly, have fun and run with it :)

What an incredibly useful resource for solo… and it’s free!

Thanks Alfred! Hope some gamers can use it

This is so rad!

thank you!

Nice and compact - looking forward to trying this out!
The "Single Sheet ... no character.pdf" is giving me an error trying to open it in Adobe.

The file opens fine for me (Mac/Preview) but it's just the hex-grid without any of the other tables.

Would it be feasible to release 2-page versions for duplex printing?

So sorry about that. I just uploaded new double sided. Please try those to see if they work. thanks

thank you! appreciate the heads up. I just uploaded two new files, as double sided. Please give those a try. not sure why there was a problem, as I was able to open them. try these?

Hello, realizing I may have messed up responding to you directly. I have uploaded all new, double-sided files. Hope those work for you. Thanks


This is just awesome. Having entire books of generators and supplements can be daunting to new solo RPG players - condensing it down to a sheet like this is genius!


thanks so much! i made it basically because of what you say...was getting overwhelmed. Also, had wanted something like this for a recent trip. Hope it can help folks!


These are perfect. So simple and so complete. Very nice work.

thanks so much! really appreciate the comment, hope you can have some fun with them!