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NOTE:  Formatted for American Letter size, which means large per our scene. This was done, so you can draw on your hexes, write in it, and allow it to be easy to see and use. Can be printed out at home as regular half letter zine (in booklet format), but will be pretty tiny to read. Yet possible and fully usable!

Or print out at size, and put in your 3-ring binder!!

In this (2)d8 only book, you will get an enclosed toolset to generate a session and/or campaign on the fly, or, to roll and prepare in advance. Great for the soloist or group player.

You get:

  • three "campaign" sections, which include a hexmap, 2 grids, and a dot sheet.
  • numerous blank d8 tables per section for you to fill in to your preference
  • D88 Wilderness Encounters
  • D88 Dungeon Encounters
  • D88 Settlement Encounters
  • D88 Loot Body table
  • D88 Item Creation tables (Mundane & Magical)
  • 72 Dungeon Geomorphs to roll and draw from (make them wobbly for caverns)
  • Multiple d8 NPC and Settlement and Dressing tables
  • Numerous d8 tables to create world generating things on the fly
  • two blank "idea" pages, for you to collect inspiration
  • places for each section to keep track of NPCs, rumors, threads, etc

NOTE:  This is made for fairly generic vanilla fantasy, with things like goblins, gnomes, gnolls, dragons, golems. Add your chosen ingredients in the blank tables to throw in the spice! It does not contain stats, so that it can be played with any fantasy role-playing game. I do not write full expositions here. You will need to add names and specifics.

It is designed to be a living document of sorts. Add your own treasure, rumors, creatures, encounters before a session. Then, when you play with the characters, mix it up, roll on those for specific flavor and then the included tables for some filler. If you are a solo player, generate hexes, waypoints, locations, encounters all on the fly, with 2 d8s! 

Either unite the 3 campaign sessions for one long, epic campaign. OR, have three ongoing campaigns at once. Have all the tools and tables at hand, enclosed, organized.

Plans for printed editions underway!

Good gaming to you,


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AuthorPerplexing Ruins


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Awesome stuff! I have been using the Campaign Notebook for my adventures and it is absolutely spot on. Tons of tables packed in, too. Highly recommended!


Any chance for an A4 formatted version?

Alas, probably not. This was laid from the beginning to fit American letter


You are amazing my friend!


That's very kind! I hope people enjoy it


community copies planned?


yes, please!