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The Pit can be dropped into any of the empty hexes found on the Isle of Ixx.

The adventure is most appropriate for level 2-3+ adventurers. Though foes are not super powerful in general, the dungeon contains no mid-exits. The final "boss" is quite powerful, and 1st level party would likely struggle. The module is designed to allow the large boss to escape into the world of Ixx, thus presenting an ever-present menace and potential encounter in the world.

A massive sinkhole, likely one of the Ixxian starship’s thrusters, covered and filled with centuries of life and vegetation. The Pit contains a brilliant pink miasma, swirling and congealing. The foul stench of rotting melons (Ixxian fuel particles seeping up from beneath the marshy soil) and the ominous gas have caused the area to be feared and avoided.

A rebellious group (The Serpent Cult) has splintered off from Wrecktown and has made the recently revealed Pit their new home. They have awakened a giant serpent, kidnapped "townies" and are learning Profane Powers.

Explore a three-floor iso dungeon. Fight cultists, shard beasts, serpents. Solve some puzzles to unlock the deeper secrets of the dungeon.


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AuthorPerplexing Ruins


Buy Now$4.00 USD or more

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Who will you be selling physical copies through? This is of your more beautiful work I would love to hold!

Thank you! Exalted Funeral and Spear Witch will have copies in the very near future!


Hey P.R.

What's the level range for this?



Great question Andrew! Going to add a note to the page now, but to answer your question: I would say this is 2nd-3rd+. Would be pretty deadly to a first level group I think. Though the monsters arent all really tough, the dungeon doesnt have  multiple exits, aside from the entrance the exit at the very bottom. There's quite a bit of direct conflict. The big bad at the end is tough. It does present a fairly easy opportunity to escape the Big Bad Serpent. This is done in order to introduce the big bad to the island in general, as a large creature to keep a look out for.

Hope this helps

I had a blast editing this one. The isometric map art is really striking and very unique among adventure books! There's really just a lot to this adventure too. Interesting setup/exterior and then three full levels of dungeon!


Wow, this looks absolutely amazing. I really need to get my Ixx Campaign going!

Thanks! Ixx is a fun one. Perhaps you'll get to put The Pit in some day