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Finally a perfect one for Mork Borg

Oh wow! thanks so much. Yea, I think quite a few of these tiles would work great for MB


I LOVE the way this looks, effervescent

Thank you! Glad you enjoy them, thanks for checking them out

Are there any jungle tiles?


Actually not yet, total oversight on my part. I will add those soon, but lots of other fun stuff on there


Jungle is what I specifically need. :(  Any idea on how soon?

Ok just uploaded an updated pack with one jungle tile for now. Hope that helps, along with the 2 shades of green for under layer.


there's a dragon and a tentacle one in it = that's perfect


Cool! and a dinosaur and a volcano!

I like the simplicity in design of these - a lot of tiles use gradient color schemes which I find difficult to navigate and still make my hexes feel sufficiently shuffled, but these are better for me!

so glad! I just added a gray tile to the set too. hope you enjoy making maps with it