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Little sheets for you to use in your streamlined Elf & Dragon Games.

Version 1: Without modifier boxes

Version 2: With modifier boxes

I play solo. I don't like to count XP into 1000s, so I go with milestone XP - your table, your choice what counts

I don't ever really use 6 stats. So 3. roll 3d6, apply modifiers per your traditional game table, if applicable, or not, if you game doesn't use mods. 

That means Cairn & Bastards. Or Rogueland or OSE.

Main items like traps, hooks, cloaks, got "belt bag" (short hand for on person)

Ud is for torches, food, candles, that trackable stuff.

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AuthorPerplexing Ruins


A6 Simple Sheet.pdf 398 kB
A6 Simple Sheet 2.pdf 398 kB

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