New files and Hilgraab City Supplement!


The latest editions to Fallen have been added!

Now includes the 44 page city supplement Hilgraab. Lots of tables and content to help bring a mysterious city environment to life!

Has a short adventure included. Has a simple mechanic for creating pressure that operates against the players. Has some simple District creators. NPCs, 100 curious, 20 villians and 20 hooks!

In conjunction with the core book tables, I think Hilgraab adds much depth to the game's atmosphere and environment!


Fallen Character Sheet by Bruno Prosaiko [2].pdf 5 MB
Apr 30, 2022
Hillgraab 1.0-compressed.pdf 2 MB
Apr 30, 2022
Oracle Card Side A.pdf 1 MB
Apr 30, 2022
Oracle Card Side B.pdf 0 bytes
Apr 30, 2022

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