Updated edition


Development continues on Fallen, but here is the document that we are proceeding with! There were some changes in this document, from the previous.

  • A list of character names was added
  • Shocked injury was changed
  • Murderous Noble ability was reset from R6 down to R4
  • Other various little typos were addressed and some layout stuff.

I expect there may still be some errors and typos lurking about in the document. But nothing in there should hinder play in any way. This game is ready to be played!

I am currently writing Hilgraab, the setting book. It will be mostly a urban environment toolkit, with many tables for creating your major city. It will also be mostly system agnostic, to allow for maximum functionality.

Included in the book will be NPCs, a list of curios, a list of villains and hooks to jumpstart play and an adventure by Brad Kerr.

That document will be included here when it is ready to go!


Feb 12, 2022
FALLEN_EBOOK-compressed.pdf 9 MB
Feb 12, 2022
character sheet.pdf 1 MB
Feb 12, 2022

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I purchased Fallen and have an older version of the PDFs so I would like to update to the newly released version but I cannot find a link to do that. Would someone be so kind as to let me know how to update games purchase on itch.io? Thanks.

Hello. If you have accessed the files via itch previously, be it purchase or a key, the game should be yours. Meaning, you should be able to download the latest files no problem. The latest was uploaded 3 days ago. Please let me know if the problem persists, and we can get it squared away.