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This is an updated version of my free DrawRPG. This uses generally the same rules, though some of these have been changed, streamlined, updated. You can download that game for free to get an idea of how it works.

Use a standard deck of cards to construct your PC. Use same deck for resolution and combat. Combat is a simple success or fail, deal 1 Harm or take 1 Harm. This may change in future editions. Rules for Critical Success and Failure.

This is a single-sheet, one-sided foldable zine. This edition has four custom painted character portraits, custom painted cover and character sheet, all by myself.

Will be adding additional zine modules in this format to my page: The first will be a GM item, that will bestiary, items, spells. and potentially new combat/damage rules. This is currently planned at a $2.00 release and will include art as well.

I was inspired to make this after seeing the awesome https://gayhalforc.itch.io/sledgehammer. Which led me to discover this awesome resource https://mr-matthew.itch.io/one-page-zine-template by https://mr-matthew.itch.io/.

Inspirations: Toika!, Sledgehammer, Ordure Fantasy, games by Nate Treme.

*** Included in this purchase is the recently released Solo Player Supplement. Same format.

*** Now included is the Referee Guide too! All three PDFs in the bundle!

Can also be had over at https://www.patreon.com/perplexingruins + access to some cool art for $2.50/mo

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I had a little question about Attributes - how do you assign your character's attribute values, and where do they come in to play?


If there were problems with the file for the Referee Guide being upside down, I have just uploaded a corrected version. Thanks for the support!

Amazing work! Quick question about Save against SPIRIT. How would that work? Draw equal to or below current spirit or 8 or over? 

Thanks for checking it out! Great question and will address that in updates. I quite like the less than or equal to SPT as it increases pressure, but to keep all saves unified and simple, this too would be Over 8 = Success. And if fail (8 or under) than PC is in DREAD. An ally then has chance to make SPT save to bring back from brink. This allows Positive WILL stats to benefit the defender from Dread....and here the Backbone skill becomes useful, to increase chances of preventing ally loss to Dread. Sorry, lengthy, hope answers. Thanks again

Thanks for the reply!

Gotcha. So WILL would be be added to both SPT saves? 

Love the illustrations, by the way. 

As of now, I think all saves function with the same mechanic. Called it Spirit save as it was related to that part of them, but will find a way to reword that. For now, essentially think of it as they need to Save (and here WIL being the relevant stat) to get over 8 in order to "save" their own spirit, or for a friend to then save their spirit? Thanks again! Currently writing a supplement with solo oracles! Stay tuned

Deleted 301 days ago

Thanks for that! Your work is such an inspiration! Cheers