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Is there a way to buy this outside of Im having constant, strange payment problems on this site. Thanks!

Hmmm....I'm sorry to hear that. This is the only place I have it available for sale. Havent had an issue before. Sometimes, I think, customers from countries outside US may have a slight delay. However I can upload some free Community Copies. If you check back in later today, you're welcome to one of those

Woow, thanks a bunch, i really appreciate it. This notebook is magnificent, so much useful tables, will make campaign planning so much easier fro me as a new GM. No, its not the delay, i cant pay at all, because of some error every time i try to buy stuff from here. Maybe its debit card problem or just my location from europe, who knows.  Thanks again for the copy and have a nice day!

Hi, would it be possible to have some community copies? I would love to try this but having difficulties in life right now.


Hello, can we hope to have some community copies soon please? Thank you so much


Hi, its possibile to have a community copies?


Hello! I have uploaded more Community Copies! Thanks for the interest

Thank you!

Deleted 86 days ago

looks interesting but is there any chance for a demo or community version? I wonder about the tables.

Hello! Thank you for your interest in my book. I have uploaded 20 Community Copies. Cheers

Hello! Thank you for quick reply and many many copies! Looking forward to use it!


Awesome stuff! I have been using the Campaign Notebook for my adventures and it is absolutely spot on. Tons of tables packed in, too. Highly recommended!


Any chance for an A4 formatted version?

Alas, probably not. This was laid from the beginning to fit American letter


Could this be printed A4, what are the trade offs for thise not in thr US?

Hello, I think this could be done A4...if "made to fit" etc....? not entirely sure. i dont understand the comment about tradeoffs? if you could clarify, I could answer better. Thanks!


Sorry, as in would there be any cropping/ formatting issues.


Bit late, but FYI it prints absolutely fine on A4 (very nicely in fact; used the fit option in Acrobat). Just thought I'd mention it in case anybody else was worried.


You are amazing my friend!


That's very kind! I hope people enjoy it


community copies planned?


yes, please!