Dear Gamers,

I write this new update to announce that this morning, I reached out to to secure a full refund for the purchase of Darkness Moves.

I am not entirely sure how this process works, so perhaps, waiting a few days, then submitting your request for a refund on your end is more expedient.

The fact is, I have been working on this book for many months, then determined recently to finally finish it. The problem is I didn't allow myself enough time for a decent edit. Now it is out in the world as a flawed product. I allowed my excitement to finish my first adventure take over my rational thought.

I sincerely believe it has some real merit still, and many many hours of work and original artwork, but it should not have been a for sale product, at least in its current state.

I am going through the book properly at this moment, and hence forward, the book will be a PWYW model for the pdf. There will likely be a physical release in the future, but will be cleaned up and looked over by other eyes.

Please accept my humbled apologies. It's an embarrassing statement to issue, but a necessary one. Going forward, I shall take much longer in cleaning up something before releasing.

Take care,

Perplexing Ruins

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I've paid much more money for much less complete products. What you've made is good and well worth the price. It seems like you're holding yourself to an incredibly high standard. I've been there. Perfectionism and imposter syndrome are horrible curses. You've obviously put in a lot of work, and you deserve to get paid for that work. It will take some time to accept, but "good enough" is, in fact, good enough. Perfection is rarely necessary, and most won't even be able to tell the difference between your "good enough" and your "perfect".

If someone requests a refund, go ahead and give it to them, but there's no reason to refund everyone.

Good luck, mate. I'm rooting for ya.


Thank you very much for these kind words! It's been an odd experience. I'm so grateful for the support.


keep my $$ it’s not perfect but I’ve paid more for worse! Stay strong amigo I still like the product. 


This is so kind of you! You have my gratitude :) For the record, there are quite a few fixes in the latest version, which I think address issues and bring this that much closer to a tighter Cairn supplement, with some good stuff. Good gaming to you!

Deleted 1 year ago

Excellent. I hope people didn’t give you too much flack! Look forward to more of your creations.